Below are a selection of some interesting books about the oboe that are available from various bookstores or online websites.

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Oboe, a reed blown in the wind by Marion Whittow. This book on the oboe is quite different to any other! It is a wonderful and funny book that covers so many aspects of oboe playing and reedmaking. It features witty illustrations throughout and is a highly recommended part of any oboe player’s bookshelves. Available from for £16.95 (ISBN: 0-9518072-0-X)

The Oboe by Leon Goossens and Edwin Roxburgh. This is one of the most respected texts on the oboe and is one of the most important contributions to this list. Written in part by the legendary oboe player Leon Goossens and respected oboist and composer Edwin Roxburgh, this book gives an excellent overview of the instrument, its repertoire and the technique required to play it. (ISBN: 978-1871082432)

Oboe motions by Stephen Caplan. This is a fantastic book that delves into the physical aspects of playing the oboe. An absolute must read for oboe players that really helps illuminate ways in which posture and physical aspects can affect playing technique. Also highly recommended is Stephen Caplan’s new Breathing book.


Oboe Art and Method by Martin Schuring. An excellent and thorough book about the oboe written by American oboist Martin Schuring. The book details basic techniques of playing such as breathing, embouchure, finger technique and articulation based on the American school of playing the oboe. (ISBN: 978-0195374575)

Oboe Technique by Evelyn Rothwell. This is a standard text on the technique of oboe playing as written by the highly esteemed oboist Evelyn Rothwell (Barbirolli). It offers an interesting insight into aspects of basic technique as detailed by a respected author. (ISBN: 978-0193223332)

The Oboe by Geoffrey Burgess. Part of the Yale Musical Instrument Series, this book by Geoffrey Burgess is a comprehensive look at the oboe’s history and most importantly the repertoire for the instrument. This is a substantial book that is both interesting to read and excellent reference guide. (ISBN: 978-0300100532)

The Eloquent Oboe by Bruce Haynes. Bruce Haynes explores the earlier history of the oboe and its development spanning from 1640 to 1760. This is an interesting text that is provides an interesting insight into the origins of the modern day oboe. (ISBN: 978-0195337259)

The Art of Oboe Playing by Robert Sprenkle and David Ledet. An interesting guide and survey of oboe technique. The book is split into two halves. The first about oboe technique is particularly useful. The second half is an interesting look at various reedmaking techniques used by various American players. (ISBN: 978-0874870404)


The Art of Cor Anglais by Geoffrey Browne. While this website is mostly aimed at providing information about the oboe, the cor anglais must never be forgotten! This book is a must have for those learning the Cor Anglais and features numerous useful elements including all the most important orchestral excerpts written for the Cor Anglais. The book’s author is respected Cor Anglais player, Geoffrey Browne who has had a career spanning three decades in major UK orchestras. Available from for £15. (ISBN: 0952730022)

Understanding the Oboe Reed by Graham Salter. This book is an incredibly new resource which covers such wide ranging topics such as Breath Support, Vibrato and Reed-making Refinements across the World’s major styles. It also explores choices of Cane, Staple, Gouger, Shaper, Knife, Profiler and every option and refinement of the Scrape. Available from June Emerson, or Howarth for £45.

Evelyn Rothwell’s Guide to Reedmaking. This book is an excellent introduction into reedmaking and features plenty of very useful photographs to help make your own reeds. Available from for £17.