When starting to learn the oboe, your first task is to find the right teacher. Once you have a teacher you are happy with they are most likely to be in a position to help you find an instrument and suitable reeds.

It goes without saying that there are plenty of exceptions to the rule, but it is always worth finding an oboe teacher who has studied the instrument to at least undergraduate music college level.

How do I find a teacher?

Using your preferred search engine, it is worth beginning your search with your local music service (now referred to as music hubs) if you are finding a teacher on behalf of your child as the local music services (or hubs) tend to co-ordinate music lessons with the schools that they serve. A list of music hubs/services can be found through the Federation of Music Services (http://www.musiceducationuk.com/hubfinder/)

There are a number of online resources that are listed below that can also help you begin your search for a teacher. It is best to find a teacher who has experience of teaching the oboe and has studied the instrument themselves to a high standard. If you are searching for an oboe teacher for your child it is advisable that any teacher is CRB checked prior to arranging lessons. The cost of a lesson can vary depending on teacher as can normal lesson time – an hourly rate of £25-£30 minimum should be expected and can be more if the teacher is travelling to your home for lessons. On average children start with a 30 minute lesson per week in order to see a healthy amount of progress.

One of the most important organizations to know about is the British Double Reed Society. They have a comprehensive database of teachers on their website and have a magazine called Double Reed News which is a great way of seeing what is available for oboe players in the UK. Many of the top oboe manufacturers, shops and repairers advertise in their magazines so it is something to be recommended to all new oboe players.

Online Teaching Databases

Below are a selection of online databases which list possible oboe teachers according to geographical area.