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This website has been set up to help make it easier to find out more about the oboe and how one goes about learning to play the instrument.

On this website you can find several articles introducing the oboe as well as numerous collections of audio and video examples. We are also building an active support community of discussion forums and classified ads so that you can always find the advice or oboe related products/services that you are looking for.

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A check list for those wanting to learn to play the Oboe!

1. Listen to more oboe playing so you can hear the wide variety of music written for the oboe. Click here for Oboe Repertoire page (Spotify is required to hear excerpts).

2. Watch some of the videos we’ve collected for you to see from YouTube. Click here for Videos page.

3. Visit our events page to see links for where you can hear the oboe in a live concert.

4. Read our article on finding a teacher to help you find the right person to get you started with oboe lessons. In particular, the International Double Reed SocietyBritish Double Reed Society and your local music hub can help you. Click here to read about finding a teacher.

5. Once you are sure you definitely want to start learning the oboe and have found a teacher, they will most often help you find a suitable instrument and reed. However if you have any questions, do visit our community page or contact us directly for help and advice.

And finally……
Keep visiting this site to get any advice or help you need. Don’t forget you can contribute by sharing your experiences and thoughts about learning the oboe on our community page so that others can benefit too!

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