You may have heard about the British Music Project, which began in September 2013, and of which the second stage has just been completed.  This has been a co-operative project involving me, Dominic Saunders, two composers from King’s College London (Robert Keeley, Senior Lecturer in Composition and Lionel Steuart Fothringham, final-year PhD composition student) and Jane Clark Dodgson, widow of the late Stephen Dodgson.
The first stage of the project involved preparing a number of works for a concert which we gave at King’s on 20 November 2013.  Dominic and I gave the world premiere of Rob’s Solar Panels (2011) for oboe and piano and Lionel’s Forms in Movement  for oboe d’amore and piano, which he wrote specifically for us.  Additionally, we gave a third performance of Stephen Dodgson’s Sonata for Cor anglais and Piano (1967), a wonderful four-movement work which had remained unperformed for the 46 years which lay between its premiere in 1967 and its second performance by us in April 2013.  Two more works completed the programme:  Rob’s The Bells of Halkis for solo piano and Richard Rodney Bennett’s well-established repertoire work, After Syrinx 1 for oboe and piano.
The second stage involved making a video recording of the first three works.  This took place on 14 April 2014 at West Road Concert Hall, Cambridge, and the videos are now available on my YouTube channel.  In addition to the music itself, you will find programme notes and biographies in the ‘Show More’ section, directly under the video.